The Ambassador Movement – What does this mean to us?

Every action we take as a company is with our core values and the Ambassador Movement in mind.


Recycling/Recyclable materials

We believe that we have a responsibility to our planet to create and promote products that are recyclable to reduce pollution. Pollution, plastic being one of the worst culprits, releases harmful toxins into both the soil and the air, chokes and harms wildlife, and is even entering our bodies through our food supply chains. This is why our packaging is 100% recyclable and we firmly advocate for our Ambassadors to reduce, reuse and recycle. We know paper or biodegradable packaging is an option, but a fine balance exists between shelf life and food waste. We want to optimally deliver a quality product, with a good shelf life that won’t expire before the consumer is able to consume it. Food waste and its negative impact is as much a reality as unrecyclable plastic.



Through our ethical sourcing of ingredients and packaging, as well as our fair treatment of all stakeholders in our business, we aim to promote kindness and goodness to humanity. We are extremely conscious of forced and child labour occurring around the world. It’s our aim to stand against this by boycotting all institutions that make use of these abhorrent practices and only using suppliers that treat all their staff fairly, with respect and empathy. 


Clean oceans

The health of our oceans affects every living organism on this planet, including ourselves. We believe that it is our responsibility to promote the health of our oceans by using recyclable packaging, ethically sourcing plant-based ingredients and educating our Ambassadors on how best to care for our oceans and make better choices for a better future.


Against palm oil

The palm oil crisis is only growing more dire with each passing year and yet it is not common knowledge. We intend to assist in combating this crisis, not only by ensuring that our products are palm oil free and educating our Ambassadors on this crisis, but also through working hand in hand with the Orangutan Outreach NGO. We have adopted 3 of their beautiful orangutans whose care and protection we support through a percentage of all proceeds made through the purchase of our products. 


Caring about nature

We want caring about nature and being conscious of the effects we each have on all living things to become an integral part of daily life. We promote this throughout every stage in our production from ingredient selection to your very last bite. In addition to this, we will continue to provide education on how to be mindful of how our choices can affect the environment and our ecological footprint.   


Animal welfare

The humane treatment of animals, not only in physical care, but in mental wellbeing, is extremely important to us. We ensure that our products are 100% vegan, while also ensuring all practices throughout the production process are animal friendly and ethical. It is an uncomfortable fact that animal cruelty is alive and well in many industries. Through education, we would like to make more people aware of this and help them to make choices with the well-being of all animals in mind.



Positive and sustainable development in agriculture is important for job creation and making responsible and forward-thinking farming practices the norm. We support this through our choice of sustainable suppliers who produce ingredients and packaging using eco-friendly and sustainable processes.


Carbon emissions

Climate change is showing no sign of abating or slowing down. It is of paramount importance that we all take responsibility through a greater effort to reduce our carbon footprint. We do this by shortening our supply chain and ensuring that all activities of production emit the least amount of carbon possible. We also provide education to our Ambassadors of how to make better choices to support the cause of reducing carbon emissions and climate change. We need to create a world that we are proud of and will sustain future generations. 

Through these values, we hope to be a force for kindness and a movement for positive change for the earth and all living things. Join us on by becoming an Ambassador for change.